Known Problems With Silver Lining Charts

Splendid Florals (published by House of White Birches) -- Orange Oriental Poppy
The last color in the color key for this design is listed as Anchor 904, but should be Anchor 9046 (reddish orange).

Blue Lacecap Hydrangeas #067
The page layout chart shown on page 7 lists page 5 as being the "center"page of the design. On EARLY copies of the chart, the page labels are switched between page 5 and page 6. The center page of the design is the page which is completely covered by design symbols. If you are unsure of what page goes where, lay the chart pages out in front of you to make sure you know which page shows which section of the design.
Marc Says:
"Unfortunately, quite a few went out without the correction sticker on it. It was of course changed immediately upon discovery. This is why it is so important to lay the entire page layout on the table to make sure everything is as it should be. I am so sorry this happened and I wish I could change it, but once the patterns are shipped I have no control or knowledge of where they are!"

Some of your charts (Blue Delphiniums #110, Love #064) have the same Anchor floss number listed for two different symbols. Is this an error, and if so, what is correct?
These charts were designed using only DMC floss. When using Anchor floss instead, the chart shows the conversion to the best alternative or the closest color in Anchor. In this case, Marc recommends using the same Anchor color for both symbols. Or, one of the colors may be substituted by another color, or the comparable DMC color can be used for one of the two duplicates if desired to capture the color gradation. The cover models were stitched with DMC ONLY. Lot of people think they need all colors of both brands since I do mix the brands in many of my other designs. That is why these charts say to use EITHER DMC OR Anchor for these designs. I hope this helps!

On Humboldt Coast #53, there are two symbols for the same floss color?
Marc says this is not a mistake, it's intentional for ease of reading.

For most copies of Ruby Morning Glory #226, page 6 is printed upside down.
We think that's to accommodate those stitchers "down under"... (just kidding!)