Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order these designs?
Please check with your local needlework store, or look for Marc's designs on any of the major online needlework stores. As of 2020, there are also still many of Marc's designs selling on eBay. We are not currently selling any of Marc's designs through this website.

Where can I find Anchor floss that is called for in some The Silver Lining patterns?
If your local LNS does not carry Anchor floss, there are several online stores that carry the full line.

How big of a piece of fabric do I need? or, How big is the finished design?
The design size is determined using the stitch count for the design, the count of the fabric you are using, and whether you are stitching over 1 thread or 2 threads. Yarn Tree has provided access to a calculator that you can use (click the link, it should pop up in a new window or new tab):
For framed pieces, you need a border on all 4 sides that extends beyond the design, to allow the framing to be done. Usually that border is 2 inches to 3 inches on each side.

One of the symbols has two colors listed for the same symbol, and one of the colors also has its own symbol. What does this mean?
Marc often blended two colors of floss for several of his designs (such as Dream Lover). For the symbol with two colors, stitch using one strand of each color. When you are stitching with only one strand of floss using two blended colors (such as when stitching over one thread), do the first half of the cross stitch with one of the colors, and the second half (top half) of the cross stitch with the second color (usually the lighter color). This means making two passes to complete the cross stitches for those colors.

Some of your charts (Blue Delphiniums #110, Love #064) have the same Anchor floss number listed for two different symbols. Is this an error, and if so, what is correct?
These charts were designed using only DMC floss. When using Anchor floss instead, the chart shows the conversion to the best alternative or the closest color in Anchor. In this case, Marc recommends using the same Anchor color for both symbols. Or, one of the colors may be substituted by another color, or the comparable DMC color can be used for one of the two duplicates if desired to capture the color gradation. The cover models were stitched with DMC ONLY. Lot of people think they need all colors of both brands since I do mix the brands in many of my other designs. That is why these charts say to use EITHER DMC OR Anchor for these designs. I hope this helps!