Featuring the artistry of Marc Inge Saastad.

Thank you for your support over the years!

Marc has retired from designing for cross stitch! It was a great 25 years, and we thank you all for sharing the joy of stitching his beautiful patterns. You may still be able to find his cross stitch designs online (try eBay or Etsy). For now we've left the list of his designs here, so you can see what you may have missed from the past!

So what is Marc doing now? Rumor has it that he is enjoying the retired life, spending time with his family, and perhaps doing more of the painting artistry that he started out with. Whatever he's doing, I'm sure we all wish him well, and say a big THANK YOU for his wonderful cross stitch designs!


All of our Designs

This is a sampling of Marc's cross stitch designs!